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1/3" CMOS HDTV Colour Camera with HD-SDI Output

The KP-HD20A-S2 is a HDTV 1/3" colour camera with a high resolution (2.1 Mio. pixel) RGB Beyer CMOS sensor, switchable picture format 4:3/16:9, 800 TV lines resolution , HD-SDI and analogue CVBS output, 50dB S/N, up to 100m data transfer via coaxial cable, with optional multiunit MU-HD101 up to 300m data transfer and voltage supply via coaxial cable.
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1/3" CMOS HDTV sensor with 2010 x 1108 pixel
Wide dynamic range
0,2 lx max. sensitivity colour mode (F1.2, AGC:42dB)
0,02 lx max. sensitivity monochrome mode (F1.2, AGC:42dB)
Auto or manual white balance
Auto or manual AGC
Picture adjustment video, gamma, chroma and black level
HD-SDI and CVBS output
Dimensions: 44 x 44 x 59 mm (W x H x D)
Weight: only 130g without lens
DC voltage supply: 12V +/-10%
As option: multiunit MU-HD101 available

Color Full-Frame-Shutter
Megapixel Frame-on-Demand
C/CS-Mount Square Pixels Imaging

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