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3 CCD DSP Color Cameras with separate Head
The HV-D27AP is a 1/2“ 3 CCD Color Camera with high Illumination of 0,5 Lux. A lot of useful functions are integrated like electronic shutter from 1/50s to 1/100000s, Long Term Integration from 1/25s to 8s, AGC, external Trigger, Frame Readout, 4 Scene Files, RS 232c Interface for Remote Control, White Balance, Video-, Y/C- & RGB-Output. Especially for Industrial, Medical and Microscopy Applications, where a true color reproduction is needed, the HV-D27AP is very useful.

Standard Composition: Camerahead, CCU, 3m Camera Cable & Manual.

Camera Cable are also available in length of 10m and 20m.
Product images

3 CCD DSP Color Camera
PAL Standard
14-Bit DSP
3 x 1/2“ CCD with
752 x 582 Pixel
800 TV Lines
0,5 Lux min. illumination
6 Color Masking, White Balance, Dyna Chroma, Chroma Gain, Auto Knee, Gen-Lock, Auto Shading
4 Scene Files
Field/Frame Readout
Longterm Integration
up to 8s
RS 232c Interface for Remote Control
Video-, Y/C- & RGB- Output

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Color (RGB) Field-on-Demand
3 CCD Back Light Balancing
Color Correction Masking C/CS-Mount
DSP LSI   Auto Knee

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