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HV-F202GV / HV-F202SCL

Compact 3 CCD Progressive Scan Colour Camera with GigE (HV-F202GV) or Mini CameraLink (HV-F202SCL)

The HV-F202GV / HV-F2020SCL is a high resolution 1/1.8" 3 CCD Progressive Scan Colour Camera with 1600 x 1200 pixel (UXGA). A lot of useful functions are integrated like electronic shutter from 1/30s to 1/100000s, Longterm Integration up to 4s, AGC, external Trigger, Auto Shading, 6 Colour Masking, Frame-On-Demand Function, White Balance, AGC, Black Level Adjustment and Partial Scan Function.

Especially for Industrial and Medical Applications where a high colour reproduction is needed, the HV-F202GV / HV-F202SCL is very useful.
Product images

Compact 3 CCD Progressive Scan Colour Camera
3 x 1/1.8" CCD,
1600 x 1200 Pixel
UXGA Resolution
15 frames/s at RGB Resolution (HV-F202GV)
30 frames/s at RGB Resolution (HV-F202SCL)
Auto Shading & 6 Colour Masking
Black Level Adjustment
Partial Scan Function
Electronic Shutter
4s Longterm Integration
External Trigger
White Balance & AGC
Standard GigE Output
GigE Vision & Genicam conform
Mini CameraLink Output (HV-F202SCL), with 8bit and 10bit

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