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High resolution compact Megapixel B&W CCD Cameras with Mini CameraLink

The KP-FXXXSCL / PoCL / WCL are a ultra compact Monochrome CCD Megapixel Camera Series (dimensions 44 x 44 x 41mm) with different resolutions. A lot of useful functions are integrated like electronic shutter (1/30s to 1/50000s), extern HD and VD synchronisation, Frame-on-Demand function, One Trigger, Fix Trigger, Partial Scan and frame rates up to 30/s.
All this types are available either with Mini CameraLink (SCL), Power over CameraLink (PoCL) or Automatic Power Detection (WCL).
Product images

SXGA 2/3" CCD with
1392 x 1040 effective pixel
UXGA 1/1.8" CCD with
1628 x 1236 effective pixel
QSXGA 2/3" CCD with
2456 x 2058 effective pixel
30 frames/s at full resolution
15 frames/s at full resolution
16 frames/s at full resolution
44 x 44 x 41mm
Square lattice pixel
Near IR sensitive up to 880nm (KP-F145WCL)
Frame-on-Demand Function
External HD/VD Synchronisation
One-, Fix- & Reset Control Trigger
Partial Scan
Mini CameraLink interface (12bit, 10bit or 8bit selectable)
Automatic Power Detection (WCL)

Monochrome Camera Frame-on-Demand
C-Mount Full-Frame-Shutter
Square Pixels Imaging 2 Megapixel
Power over Camera Link    

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